Samsung Galaxy Y Duos (GT-S6102) running the latest Android Gingerbread can be rooted in few simple steps. Before I give you the rooting guide, let me explain the advantages of rooting your Galaxy Y Duos for the newcomers to android.


Rooting and android phone gives access to thousands of useful apps that need special permissions to work.

By rooting, one can install custom Recovery in their devices that lets you to perform advanced functions such as installing a custom ROM, taking a complete NANDROID backup, install a custom kernel for performance optimizations, so on and so forth. By gaining such a host of features due to rooting, it is obvious that you have to lose something. By rooting, your device will void the warranty given by the manufacturer. Therefore, you should be careful so as to what you are doing, else sky may fall on your head. You have been warned.

Now that you know the pros and cons on rooting, and if you have decided to go ahead with it, follow the below instructions carefully. You need to know that this method of rooting gives the following features to your Samsung Galaxy Y Duos:

  • Latest su binary
  • New Advanced Superuser app
  • Busybox 1.19.3
  • Ssh
  • Sqlite3

Disclaimer: All android mods and installation of custom ROMs involve certain risks. Android Total is not responsible if your device gets bricked or damaged during the process.



  1. Connect the phone to computer via USB cable.
  2. Copy the downloaded file to the root of the phone’s internal SD card.
  3. After copying is complete, disconnect the USB connection.
  4. Power off the phone now.
  5. Boot into Recovery: To do that, press and hold the Power button, Volume Up key, and Home button simultaneously for few seconds until the Samsung Duos logo appears.
  6. In the Recovery, select the option from sdcard. In the Recovery menu, touch will not work. You should use Volume keys for navigation and Power button for selecting an option.
  7. Select the > Yes

You may now reboot the phone. That’s it. You have successfully rooted the Samsung Galaxy Y Duos.

[Via XDA]

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