ROM Manager is unarguably the most used app for the easiest way to install the ClockworkMod Recovery on android devices. Having said that, there are few exceptions in which the ROM Managerin the current form creates a problem such as the situation in which the user is not able to boot into the Recovery mode without it.


The issue deepens when ROM Manager fails to launch ClockworkMod Recovery, and the stock recovery ceases to function. At this point, most of the users are almost bricking their phones. One of the devices in which ROM Manager should not be used for flashing ClockworkMod Recovery is the T-Mobile LG G2x.

Thanks to the Developer at XDA ‘TGA_Gunnman’ who has come up with a one-click NvFlasher tool that can be used to flash ClockworkMod Recovery. Did you already install CWM Recovery using ROM Manager on your LG G2x? No need to worry, you can go ahead and still use the NvFlash tool.


1. The tool currently supports only Windows platform. You should have .Net Framework 2.0 or above installed on your computer.

2. Download One-Click-G2x-recovery-flash to computer and unzip the content.


LG G2x is powered by Nvidia Tegra2 Processor and for low-level flashing compatibility; you should have APX Drivers installed on your computer. Hence, we will break up the instructions into two parts, including ‘APX Driver installation’ and then ‘flashing the CWM Recovery’.

Nvidia NvFlash APX Drivers Installation

1. Power off the LG G2x and remove the battery.

2. Connect the USB cable to computer without the phone.

3. Press and hold Volume Up/Down key and then keeping them held plug in the USB cable to your phone. (Keep the buttons held until Windows detects a new APX device.)

4. Open ‘Device Manager’ in Windows and you should see “APX Device” listed with an error icon.

5. Right click on the APX device and select ‘Update driver software’.

6. Select ‘Browse my computer…’ > ‘Let me pick…’ > ‘Have disk’.

7. Now browse to directory you extracted downloaded package to One-Click-G2x-recovery-flashAPX.

8. Proceed with the driver installation.

9. After completion, you should see ‘NVIDIA USB Boot-recovery driver for mobile devices’ in ‘USB Controllers’ of ‘Device Manager’, which means you have successfully installed the drivers.

Flash ClockworkMod Recovery

1. Power off the LG G2x and remove the battery.

2. Connect the phone to computer by USB cable.

3. Run the ‘OneClickRecoveryFlasher.exe’ in the downloaded package. It will be located in the ‘NvFlash’ directory.

4. Unplug the USB cable from your phone.

5. Hold Volume Up/Down. (Keep them held until you see the “S/W Upgrade” screen on your phone after you complete step7!).

6. Plug in the USB cable to your phone.

7. Click the ‘Flash ClockworkMod Test2’ or “Flash ClockworkMod″ button depending on the version you want to flash.

8. Wait for the file transfer to complete. You should get the message ‘S/W Upgrade – Please wait while upgrading…’.

9. Once the files are sent, and the program is finished running in the Command Prompt, you can disconnect the USB connection even when it will display ‘upgrading’ message. Make sure you disconnect only when it finishes file transfer in the Command window, otherwise you may brick the phone!

10. Replace Battery and there you go. You have successfully installed ClockworkMod Recovery on the LG G2x.

To boot into Recovery, Power off the phone, press and hold Volume Down + Power button until you see ‘ANDROID’ in orange color.

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