An ICS based unofficial CyanogenMod 9 ROM is now available for the Samsung Infuse 4. The ROM is developed by an android developer Entropy512 of xda developers forum. Note that the ROM is still in development phase, which implies some nasty bugs exists for sure.

Features that are working include calls, GPS, WiFi, Sound, Camera, and Video playback.

WiFi tethering, bluetooth, and TV ouput are broken at the moment. However, going by the developer’s thread, it seems like the ROM will soon be good as a daily driver.



  1. Connect the phone to computer and copy the downloaded ROM and Google Apps package to the phone’s internal SD card.
  2. After copying is complete, disconnect the USB connection and reboot the phone to ClockworkMod Recovery.
  3. Select ‘Install zip from SD Card’ > ‘Choose zip from SD card’ and select the ROM that you copied earlier.
  4. After the installation is complete, select ‘++++Go Back++++’.
  5. In the main menu, select “reboot system now”.
  6. After reboot, the device gets stuck at the Samsung screen.
  7. Reboot to recovery. To do that hold down Volume Up, Volume Down, and Power until the device reboots, release Power after the reboot; continue holding Volume Up and Volume Down keys.
  8. In the Recovery go to “Mounts and Storage” and format system, data, and cache.
  9. Select ++++Go back++++
  10. Flash the ROM a second time (‘Install zip from SD Card’ > ‘Choose zip from SD card’)
  11. Finally flash the Google Apps package by going to ‘Install zip from SD Card’ > ‘Choose zip from SD card’.
  12. Select ‘++++Go Back++++’.
  13. In the main menu, select “reboot system now”.

That’s it. Enjoy the new ROM. Head over to the developer’s thread for further details.

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