The owners of Samsung Galaxy Mini can now enjoy a brand-new custom theme “Dark Fantasy.” This ROM will give your Galaxy Mini a fresh look due to the mix of ICS and Gingerbread themes in it.


The ROM is overclocked to 801MHz, which implies better response and performance. Prime highlighting features of the ROM include App2SD, Bravie and Xloud hack, pre-rooted with busybox, and 14 status bar toggles! Apparently, even after overclocking, the ROM is said to give a better battery life compared to the stock ROM.


dark_fantasy_rom_1 dark_fantasy_rom_2

Moving on to the eye candy segment, Dark Fantasy comes packed with modified Touchwiz with 5 docks and animations, a new splash screen, CRT ON/OFF Animation, new icon pack, and already said 50-50 ICS-Gingerbread themed.

dark_fantasy_rom_3 dark_fantasy_rom_4

Moreover, the ROM is almost bug less till date. Here goes instructions on how to flash the ROM on your Galaxy Mini.

Disclaimer: All android mods and custom ROM installations involve certain risks. Proceed on your own. Android Total is not responsible if your device gets bricked or damaged during the process.



  1. Connect the Galaxy Mini to computer via USB cable.
  2. Copy the downloaded ROM to the phone’s internal SD card.
  3. Power off the Mini and boot into the ClockworkMod Recovery. You can enter into recovery mode by pressing and holding the Home button while turning on the phone.
  4. In the ClockworkMod Recovery, select Wipe data / reset > ‘Yes – delete all user data. You should use Volume keys for navigation and Power button for selecting an option.
  5. Select the option Cache Partition > Yes Wipe cache.
  6. Go to Advanced and select Wipe Dalvik Cache > Yes – Wipe Dalvik Cache.
  7. Go to Mounts and Storage > format /system > Yes – Format System.
  8. Select ++++Go Back++++.
  9. Select Install zip from SD Card > Choose zip from SD card and choose the file that you copied earlier.
  10. Proceed with the installation.
  11. After the installation is complete, select ++++Go Back++++.
  12. Select Wipe data / reset > ‘Yes – delete all user data.
  13. Finally select reboot system now.

You are done. Enjoy the brand new ROM.

[ROM Credits: DQIB and Feras.Rehman]

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