Like the Galaxy S, Samsung Infuse 4G too comes with the 3e Recovery. Before jumping on to the procedure for installing the modified 3e Recovery, let us explain the need of it.

Why Modified 3e Recovery?

3e Recovery recovery was launched by Samsung with the Android 2.2 Froyo update for all the devices. And since then it is a nightmare to install unsigned zip files on the device. 3e Recovery ONLY accepts flashing of officially ‘signed’ zip files like that of official updates. You cannot install custom zip files like ClockworkMod Recovery. You end up with ‘E: Signature verification failed’…’Installation aborted’ error every time you flash a custom Recovery or zip files.


To overcome this problem, developers have began modifying the 3e Recovery so as to work like 2e Recovery and allow flashing unverified zip files.

Disclaimer: As usual a word of caution. You will use this guide at your own risk. Android Total is not responsible if your device gets bricked or damaged during the process.


1. Rooted Samsung Infuse 4G. Check our guide ‘Rooting Infuse 4G using SuperOneClick’.

2. Super Manager app (free) installed (or any app with which you can mount the system partition as Read Write). QR code for Super Manager is given below:


If you don’t want to install any app for mounting the partition and good in using the ADB terminal, proceed to the instructions.

3. Download modded 3e Recovery for Infuse 4G to computer and unzip it. You should have a file named ‘recovery’ in it.


1. Connect the phone to computer using USB cable.

2. Mount the ‘system’ partition as RW using ‘Super Manager’ app or ‘File Explorer’. If you want to use ADB commands on Command Prompt to do that you may type the following command to mount the ‘system’ partition.

mount -o rw,remount /dev/block/stl9 /system

3. Copy the ‘recovery’ file from the unzipped folder to /system/bin folder in phone. Overwrite if prompted. For safety, you can rename the original file in the phone to something else. It may be useful if something goes wrong.

That’s it. Disconnect the USB connection and reboot the phone. You can now flash unverified zip files or install ClockworkMod Recovery from ROM Manager.

[Source: XDA Developers]

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