Now that you have installed the leaked Gingerbread 2.3.3 KF1 on your T-Mobile Galaxy S (T959V), the next immediate step is to root it! By rooting your phone, you get access to thousands of useful apps from the android market that need root access to function.


Rooting also lets you install custom recovery or flash any custom ROM. The following rooting procedure is for firmware with these specs:

  • Phone model: Samsung T959V
  • Firmware: T959VUVKF1
  • Android Version: 2.3.3
  • Build date: June 7 2011
  • CSC version: TMB

Disclaimer: Proceed at your own risk. ‘Android Total’ is not responsible in case your device gets bricked or damaged during the process.


1. Download zimage-root.tar to computer.

2. Download zimage.tar to computer.

3. Download ODIN to computer and unzip it.

4. You should have a working USB connection between computer and phone. If not, install Samsung USB drivers:


1. Turn off the phone completely. Remove the battery and place it again.

2. Reboot the phone into ‘Downloading’ mode by pressing ‘VOLUME DOWN, HOME and POWER buttons simultaneously for few seconds until you see a yellow triangle with ‘Downloading’ message on the phone.

3. Run the ODIN exe.

4. Connect the phone to computer via USB cable.

5. You should now see yellow COM box. This means all USB connections are OK, and you are ready to go. If it is not so, reinstall the USB drivers again.


6. Click ‘PDA’ button and select the ‘zimage-root.tar’ file that you downloaded earlier.

7. Make sure the ODIN options are same as below.


8. Click ‘Start’ and wait until it is completed.

9. After the process is complete, the phone will reboot and go into a bootloop. Disconnect the USB connection now.

10. Turn off the phone and replace the battery.

11. Get into ‘Download’ mode again as specified in step (2).

12. Connect the phone to computer again and run the ODIN again.

13. Click ‘PDA’ button and choose the ‘zimage.tar’ file.

14. Click ‘Start’ and wait for the process to finish. You will get ‘PASS’ in ODIN.

After installation is complete, your phone will reboot automatically. Congratulations! You have rooted the SGS 4G as evident from the ‘Superuser’ app installed.

[Credits: XDA Developers]

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